Goodbye, touts.

Only rightsholders should decide if their tickets can be re-sold and for how much. Only they should know who their customers are – and be the one who connects directly with them.

Introducing the Smart Ticket


Tracer has developed the Smart Ticket to give you 100% control over the entire ticket journey.

Your policy, your rules

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, promoters and ticketing companies can define exact rules for each ticket individually. For instance, whether a ticket can be resold, the price it sells at and what happens to the profits each time it is sold on.

Track a ticket's entire journey

The artist or promoter can now trace the ticket’s entire journey as well as the customer’s ownership data, no matter where the ticket is sold, or how many times a ticket is re-sold.

Zero fraud, full control

Fans no longer have to worry about buying fraudulent tickets. For them, the process is seamless. Everything happens behind the scenes thanks to discreet but highly powerful blockchain tech.

Built on proven blockchain tech

Decentralized and 100% safe

Every time the Smart Ticket has a new owner, all transactional data is recorded on an immutable, decentralized database: a blockchain, in other words.

Because of blockchain’s inherent anti-counterfeit nature, no one owns this database. The ledger is securely stored in thousands of computers around the world. This data cannot be re-written or abused in any way. 

Pay in euros, sterling or dollars, not Bitcoin

Using blockchain technology doesn't mean customers pay in cryptocurrencies. We deploy blockchain as the underlying payment structure for whatever the payment currency is, be it euros, dollars or sterling.

Unleash the power of your data

Artists are the best marketeers in the world. So why don't they have proper access to their fan's data? With Tracer, the artist and the promoter not only has control over the tickets but the ticket ownership picture, helping them build a far more accurate picture of who their real audience is – a massively valuable commercial asset.

Endless distribution channels

Airlines tickets aren’t sold from just one website. So why should your concert tickets be sold from just one channel? Thanks to Tracer, your tickets can automatically be distributed across multiple sales channels, of your own choosing. 


And the best thing, it's an effortless process. All you have to do is assess the incoming sales analysis from your control panel, helping you target and market your key audience in a way not previously possible.

Tracer is real


On 17 June, 2018 Tracer’s Smart Ticket was used by more than 9,000 people of all ages to get into The Cambridge Club festival in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It was the first time that blockchain and a dynamic QR code was used at a massive gig event, beating competition from all over the world.


Tracer is not a white paper. It is a real company with a real product on sale now. The countdown to change the ticketing industry has started.

The team

Tracer is led by the team who successfully scaled global ticketing platform Ticketbis to $100M in annual revenue and 400 employees across 48 countries.

Jorge Díaz Largo


Ex-VP at Ticketbis. Over six years he led the Growth team to launch Ticketbis across 48 countries.

Alberto Martínez


Ex-General Manager at EveryMundo, one of the biggest startups in Miami, Florida.


Eduard Khorkov


Founder and Director at Polecat, a developing company launched in 2009 with a team of 15.

Andrei Lebedev

Head of Operations Moscow

Founder and Director at Polecat, a developing company launched in 2009 with a team of 15.

David Di Bartolomeo

Head of Marketing

Ex-Head of Global Paid Performance at Ticketbis, with a team of 15 people and an anual budget of $10M.

Carmen Navarro Lado

Head of Business Development

Ex-Head of Communications Europe at StubHub. She built the Global PR team at Ticketbis across 20 countries.

Artem Kolyasnikov

Lead System Architect

Artem has over 7 years of cutting-edge development experience. Now focused on decentralised web applications.

Shamil Gadelshin

Lead Blockchain Developer

He has 14 years’experience in high-load and distribution systems. Now he is focused on blockchain tech.

Our investors

We are backed by key players in the music industry in London and Los Angeles.


We are also proud alumni of Techstars Music Los Angeles and part of Pillar's portfolio, the best venture capital in Boston.

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About us

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